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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The FitBitch effect

Tanya Taylor, 38, mum of four
I'm fitter, thinner and have bags more energy. But it's also given me so confidence in myself and what I'm capable of achieving. I've gone from 5k to HellRunner and a half marathon. Who'd have thought that a year ago?

Kate Gibson, 43, a project worker,
I joined FitBitch thinking my weight gain was an inevitable part of ageing but hoping I'd at least get fitter. My shape has now changed completely to the point that I wore a bikini for the first time in 15 years last summer. I've learned so much and had so much fun doing it too. It's been life changing.

Tanya Krikke, 36, pop up restaurant purple broccoli
I've always avoided exercise and I didn't know how I'd feel about doing a boot camp but wanted to get in shape. But I truly, truly loved FitBitch. It gave me the stamina to mentally pull myself out of a personal rut and has given me new found self confidence and peace. Plus, I keep getting compliments on my trim shape Thanks so much!

Pip Henderson, 40, a performer
Rachael told me that she'd have me running 5k by the end of camp and I thought she was mad. She was right and am now running 8 miles as if it's nothing. I've spent nearly 40 years looking for solutions to getting fit and in shape only to find the answer in four weeks. Exercising outdoors, seeing the sun rise over West Pier and making life long friends, I can't describe how much FitBitch has changed my life.

Eileen Melville, 50-something, a leadership business consultant
I'd never been sporty and couldn't imagine exercise ever being anything but a necessary evil to help me lose weight. But I love FitBitch and couldn't’t believe it was me at first getting up at 6.30am to cycle to Hove Lawns in sun, rain, wind.
I started camp weighing 11 stone 10 lbs having given up on wearing jeans. I'm now 9st 12 lbs, and wearing 29 inch skinny jeans! I’m more confident, calmer and much happier than the unfit, overweight person that I used to be.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Master Class - Yoga For Runners & Sport

You get back from a run, stretch your hamstring half heartedly (just the one!) then end up rushing around on to other things? Or do you get home and immediately start eating and forget about stretching?
if this sounds like you, you need to redress the balance and add a stretching routine. It is the single most important thing you can do to prevent injury. And it will improve your running and breath work.
This 75 minute class will be held on Saturday 23rd January from 8.15-9.30am upstairs in a Little Dippers Centre, 40 Upper Gardner Street.
The class is suitable for everyone so it doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before or you know your surya namaskara from your trikonasana.
Run by founder, Rachael Woolston who is a qualified teacher this class will draw on aspects of Sivanada, Yin, Juvamukti and Ashtanga yoga.
You will go away with your own post run capsule stretch routine, making it easier to slot it into your every day routine. If you're contemplating the Brighton Marathon or Half then you should seriously consider doing this. Cheaper than shelling out hundreds on a physio once you're injured!
It costs £15 per person but spaces are strictly limited. Book via PayPal button on the right.

Christmas Drinks - Weds 22nd December

Book your tickets soon for our Christmas celebration at on Jubilee Street. An evening of wine tasting, nibbles and general gossip all in the beautiful surround of the new wine shop overlooking Jubilee Street.
Places are strictly limited so book soon to avoid disappointment. Closing date for booking 10th December. You can pay via PayPal (there's an extra £1 charge for the admin fee) or email for bank details.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The FitBitch Dashinstas - aka the running group

If your life is so busy you find it impossible to fit scheduled exercise in your life, running is the answer. It's cheap, you need nothing but a pair of running shoes and you can get out whenever you have a spare minute.
That said, motivation is always an issue and making sure you push yourself hard enough for you to actually improve is another matter all together.
That's why we have launched The FitBitch Dashinistas, a running group that works towards a running event as a target goal.
Our runners have had fantastic fun and enormous success, in fitness and figure shaping terms, with our previous two groups. In September we raced through the streets of Paris after training a group of beginners and intermediate runners to a 16k race. Next week, after eight weeks of training another group tackle a 12mile cross country run in Hampshire.
This time around, we're doing a 10-16week combined running group for those running the Brighton Half Marathon in February and the in March.(there are a group of us travelling here for a weekend if you want to join).
Don't worry about not being fit enough, or not being challenged if you are fit. Our groups work unlike any other running groups to work you according to your fitness levels.
Price for a 10 week training plan for the Brighton Half, with one led run per week is £50 or £65 for the 16 week plan aiming for the Lisbon Half. Knock £25 off if just doing the runs with no training plan.
Here's the list of training runs(these may be subject to change but this will be agreed in advance if it becomes necessary).
Weds Dec 1st 7.30pm
Weds Dec 8th 7.30pm
Weds Dec 15th 7.30pm
Tues 21st Dec 7.30pm
Weds 29th Dec 7.30pm
Sat Jan 8th either 7.15am or 8am
Sun Jan 16th
Sun Jan 23rd
Sat Jan 29th
Sun 6th Feb
Weds 9th Feb
Weds 16th Feb
Weds 23rd Feb
Sun 27th Feb
Sun March 6th
Sat March 12th

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Read what our graduates think of camp

Pip Henderson, 42, a performer (pictured front doing the splits!)lost 9lbs
'I signed up after a leaflet dropped through my door when I was feeling really miserable about my shape, weight, lack of fitness and lifestyle. I was desperate for change and FitBitch seemed just the thing as it was women only and promised something new every day.
It was the best decision I've ever made; every session I felt like I had my own personal trainer as the instruction and encouragement was so individual. And true to Rachael's promise every day was different – even Space Hopper and group skipping on one day which made me forget I was even exercising.
As for the eating plan,it has taught me that eating healthily is about exploring new foods, not elimination. Even when I was wavering at home, I'd get personalised support and encouragement via Twitter.
Rachael told me at the start that she'd have me running 5k by the end and I thought she was mad. Unbelievably I did it and have now even signed up for the Lisbon Half Marathon with FitBitch!
I've spent nearly 40 years looking for solutions to getting fit and in shape only to find the answer in four weeks!
I can't describe how much FitBitch has changed my life. It has been the best money I've ever spent. I can not thank you enough!'

Anna Moore, 36, editor, (5th from left)
I booked FitBitch in a bid to boost my fitness and improve my running although I was really nervous about starting. I shouldn't have worried as the sessions were brilliant fun and so varied. At the end of every session, I felt like I'd exercised all my muscles!
Because the camps are small, I was confident that I was doing everything properly as everything was corrected so I learned so much.
I have loved every minute of the camp, including exercising outdoors no matter what the weather and seeing the sun rise. It's been beautiful.
For me, FitBitch has been brilliant value for money, I loved seeing daily photographs of the camp on Twitter which really helped to bond as even more as group. And being able to tweet Rachael whenever I had a question about diet or home work exercise makes FitBitch so much more than a camp but a one to one service. We finished camp running the Hove Park 5k – it was amazing and summed up the whole spirit of FitBitch – challenging but incredibly rewarding and fun.'

Jenny Hands, 26, a massage therapist, (first left) lost 9lbs
I booked FitBitch boot camp because I was putting on 2lbs a week and I felt I needed help with my diet and exercising. At first, it was tough but I soon realised that with Rachael's encouragement I was accomplishing things I'd thought I wouldn't be able to do.
Having to keep a food diary and receiving a written assessment was scary but it completely summed up where I was going wrong on my diet. And I couldn't believe how much I could eat by following the FitBitch eating principles and still lose weight!
Before I started I worried about the price of the camp, but I nowrealise I haven't just received four weeks of fitness training but a life time of good advice for a healthy and improved lifestyle. Thank you so much, I could never have achieved it without FitBitch.

Kate Gibson, 45, a project worker, (far right)
I joined FitBitch because I was edging towards my mid forties and felt unfit and out of shape.
I thought there was little I could do about my weight and it was part of getting older but getting a written report on my diet highlighted the bad habits I'd got stuck in. And I learned so many new exercises in camp, as well as re-acquainting my self with ones from my childhood like skipping which I loved.
I've been doing camp now for 10 months and every one is different. In the mean time my shape has changed completely, and I was able to wear a bikini for the first time in 15 years this summer.
It's been life changing and worth every single penny.

Sarah Stevenson, 34, a charity events organiser (3rd from right)
I was sceptical about the difference a four week camp could make to my fitness or diet at the beginning, but I'm now a total convert. Every session was such a lot of fun with stimulating, different exercises. I left every day on a complete endorphin high! I've learned lots of new exercises and it's taught me so much about the healthy way to eat. I'm already missing it a week on!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Christmas FitBitch Two week Blitz - December 6th-17th

Want to feel on top of the world and look fantastic this Christmas? We're holding a special intensive FitBitch Xmas Two weeker. It will run Mon-Friday, five mornings a week for two weeks. Choose between the 6am or 7am camp.
Use it to supercharge your energy levels to cope with the festive season, to help you feel fantastic or to ensure you can get into that knockout Xmas dress.
Only 14 spaces per camp so book soon - once they're gone there's no more spaces available.
Use the drop down menu below to pay. It costs £135 for the two week programme including pre and post assessment plus two week diet plan. Or £115 for the two week camp alone.

To book go to the right hand side and choose your slot in the drop down menu.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Want to become a FitMutha?

Do you always feel like there's never any time for you? Between looking after the kids, sorting out the house, and trying to work, does it feel like exercise comes last on your list? Well, now that can change with our new FitMuthas camp.
Drop the kids at school and come to Hove Park for 1 hour, three days a week (Tue-Thurs 9.45am-10.45am) and see your fitness and shape changed forever.
Built on the same principles as FB, you get 1:1 attention so it's as close to personal training as you can get but better. Why? Because few people can afford PT three times a week except the A-list. So it means you're getting trained like a Hollwyood star for a fraction of the cost.
At FitMuthas, you will have fun, learn lots and leave feeling fit, fantastic and like a real FitMutha.
Our next camp is booking now - don't delay as there's only 14 spaces.
Price includes assessments and healthy eating plan for £135 or book with a friend and get the camp for £110 each (please tell us your friend's name when booking). Alternatively, pay £12 for drop in session.

To book your place, go to the right hand side of this website and use the PayPal buttons.

FitBitch Boot Camp Four Weeks Nov 8th - Dec 2nd

Do you want to feel and look different in four weeks? Then sign up to the last four week camp of 2010. We've already had a fantastic year at boot camp with every woman who has come through camp being transformed. Not just in terms of shape and weight loss but in fitness and confidence. FitBitches are those women who realise that fitness is fun, as well as empowering.
Join the phenomenon and feel great by December - why wait for January?!
Hurry as there are only 14 spaces.
New members £150, returning graduates £162 if booked and paid for before Friday October 22nd. Book by emailing

Thursday, 14 October 2010

FitBitch Hell Runners Training Run

The Jog Squad is back! We've mastered Paris, now FB are tackling Hell Run Down South on 27th November. Anyone is welcome to join our regular runs which cost £5 per session.
Our next one is Saturday 16th October, meeting corner of Lustrell Vale and Saltdean Vale at 7.45am. The run will be 9miles so we will be turning around mid way through this run published here. Other runs will start from Brighton so you don't have to have a car. Email for more details.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Swiss Ball Sunny Master Class

It's going to be a balmy, sunny morning in Brighton tomorrow, Saturday 9th October. And what better way to enjoy it than with a relaxing, stretching Swiss Ball session that will draw on the principles of yoga with a bit of core work thrown in.
A one hour master class starting at 8.30am on Hove Lawns, bring your own Swiss Ball and prepare to learn the secrets to core exercises that you will not have come across before.
This master class will equip you with a range of new exercises and some fantastic ways of increasing your flexibility in a relaxing way.
Any one is welcome to drop in for £10 but please email or call 07855 742195 beforehand.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Want to become a FitBitch Hell Runner?

Getting fit can be difficult when you've got nothing to aim towards. It is why so many women fall off the fitness wagon, bored and feeling like they're getting nowhere. But commit to a race (don't be put off by the word, it can be fun!) and you will find your motivation and fitness gains transformed.
To prove how much it can make a difference, this weekend FitBitch Boot Camp travels out to Paris with 11 women who have trained together as the FitBitch Paris Jog Squad to be able to run 16k through the streets of Paris to Versaille.
'Right, I bet they were already fit to begin,' you might think to yourself.
True, a few were but most were total running virgins when they started. Ranging in age from 35 to 58, they're now all super fit, and can run for miles, up hill, down hills and with sprint finishes.
If you want to take on a similar challenge, we're running a training event in time for the HellRun, a 10mile trail running event on November 27th or 28th
You can either join the FitBitch HellRunner Jog Squad in preparing for the race, or simply join the runs to keep yourself motivated with a group of fun women.
You don't have to have been a FitBitch campee, be super fit or have run a race before. All you need is a pair of trainers and the desire to have a laugh while getting fit. No matter what your fitness level, the training run will work for you.
(all the weekend training runs will be in the morning, evening will be 7.30pm).

FitBitchHellRunner Extreme: 8 training runs, plus training programme, heart rate training zones, £50
You will be able to choose from three training plans, beginner,intermediate, advanced. This will not be personalised (I charge £100 per person for this service) but it will give you the right type of training geared to the particular 'Hell', which I've raced twice before myself. Heart rate zones personalised.

FitBitch Runner - 8 training runs plus heart rate zones, £32
see schedule below for the runs. These will be a mixture of long, hilly, pace runs and more so can be used even if you're not doing the hell run to challenge your own fitness level

FitBitch Hell Run Training Plan

FitBitch Fade In & Outer, £5
Drop in for the runs and pay on the day

FitBitch Training Runs
Sunday 3rd October
Tuesday 5th October probably 7.30 onwards
Saturday 16th October
Sunday 24th October
Sunday 7th November
Tuesday 9th November
Tuesday 16th November
Tuesday 23rd November

Monday, 20 September 2010

Become a FitMutha!

If you're fed up with feeling out of shape, out of breath and just generally frustrated with yourself for trying to start a fitness regime but never getting going, , join FitMuthas.
Our camps are not like other boot camps. Our four weeks, 1 hr sessions are a journey that will take youfrom feeling uncondfident about your ability to even exercise, to thinking of yourself as a runner, boxer, and even sprinter! Sounds unbelievable? In four day's time, there are 10 women from our camps going to Paris to run in a 10mile race. 80% of them started out never having run before.
And that's not to mention the shape up effects - 5-14pounds in four weeks sound good?
Camp starts Tuesday 28th September and runs for four weeks - do three sessions a week or four. By the end you won't just be fit for your average mum. You'll be a FitMutha!
Book now at or call 07855 742195 for prices.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shine Offer

If you have received an email regarding the FitBitch Boot Camp offer through Shine, please book via or call 07855 742195. If you are interested in FitMuthas at 9.45am please email stating this as your subject.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

FitMuthas Boot Camp - special offer!

There's just over three weeks until FitMuthas at Hove Park starts. Whether you are already fit and need a new challenge or you're a complete novice, this camp will help you get fit or fitter, lose weight and generally feel on top of the world. The camp is designed so you can do it as a one-off although many people re-book with a 90% retention rate. Which shows it works!
If you are new to our camps, we are offering a special offer of £150 on all camps, FitBitch and FitMuthas although look out for Latest 7 on sale THIS WEEK for further offers.
We're booking up fast so hurry - if you really want to change and feel great (why would you not?!) sign up and by the end of camp on 15th October, you'll be transformed. (can't make four weeks, email for drop-in details).
Forget the guilt at spending money on yourself - this really will be good for you which means good for everyone else in your life too.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Change your shape, change your life

If you want to change your shape and get super fit, all you need to do is sign up for one camp, either our FitBitch or FitMuthas fitness camp and we'll take care of the rest.
Our camps are unlike any other camp in Brighon because we keep numbers limited and we focus both on what you eat, as well as exercises designed to boost your metabolism, strengthen your body and improve your core strength and flexibility. If you're fit you can use it to challenge your current fitness routine, if you're a beginner it will give you a love for exercising - honestly!
Belinda Muir, a make up artist lost one stone in her first four week camp and has since gone on to lose over 3 stone. She started as a non-exerciser and now there's no stopping her- half marathons, Puma HellRuns and 16k runs through Paris!

Next camp dates - September special offer

Our next camp starts are September 20th at 6.30am-7.30am at Hove Park or the new 'school drop' sessions at 9.454am-10.45am. Alternatively, start September 28th on the seafront at 6-7am or 7-8am. This will be the last early morning session on the seafront of the year.
There is a special offer running this month of £150 on all camps to new members. Alternatively book to come to our special 'Meet & greet' FitBitch Boot Camp at 7.30pm September 9th where we will be chatting about fitness, what you think of boot camps and exercise and you will get a camp for an amazing £125. Places are limited in this evening so book soon at
Summer is lovely but your life does go on hold while the school holidays are on whether you've got kids or not - now is the time you can spend a little time on you! Grab it while you can.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fitbitch Paris Training Run - complete!

Well done to the Paris Fitbitch Jog Squad who completed one of their training runs in preparation for a 16k run we will be doing in Paris come September 24th. If any of you are interested in joining us on the run get in touch soon! If you can't make it out to Paris but would still like to join us on our weekly free training runs email to be included on the weekly mail outs. Next run will be Sunday 8th August at a rather ealier time of 7.30am (look at least it means you won't drink the night before!).

Monday, 26 July 2010

FitMuthas Boot Camp

Are you fed up of feeling frumpy, sluggish and never having the time to exercise as you're always looking after the kids? Right now, you're probably facing an entire summer where you won't have too much time for yourself. But once the kids return to school, why not enjoy some 'me' time and get superfit and energised in our new FitMuthas camp launching at Hove Park, 9.45am September 20th.
This is a boutique small group camp, based on the same principles as Fitbitch Boot Camp. It will include yoga, Pilates, core work and lots of other fun stuff thrown in, and most importantly provide a supportive fitness camp environment at a time that will affords you the time to do something for yourself without it taking up the whole day. Although if you're not a mum and you're just not very good at getting up for our early morning camps, this camp will still hit the spot!
Spaces cost £180 including fitness & body composition assessments plus a diet diary and eating plan. Book in and pay in full by August 1st and pay just £150. Offer only open to new members and can not be used with any other offer.

Camp Dates 2010

Fancy getting super fit in the only boutique boot camp in Brighton & Hove? Prices for a full camp including diet assessment and body composition tests are £180 with options to drop in for 8 or 12 sessions at reduced prices in the 6am camps. Places sell out fast so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

August 16-September 10th 6am & 7am Hove Lawns (Tues start on Bank Holiday and on wc 7th Sept)
September 20th - 14th October 6.30am & **NEW FITMUTHAS CAMP' at 9.45am Hove Park
September 28th (*Tues start 28th then Monday)- October 21st Hove Lawns 6am & 7am
October 25th - November 18th Hove Lawns 7am only
November 2nd - November 26th Hove Park 6.30am & *NEW FITMUTHAS CAMP' 9.45am
November 23rd - December 10th 7am only Hove Lawns (camp starts tues & reverts to Monday )
November 29th - December 10th Two Week Christmas Blitz Hove Park 6.30am & NEW FITMUTHAS CAMP' at 9.45am

Congratulations Graduates of June 2010

After four weeks of almost uninterrupted sunshine (bar two mornings) the 6am & 7am boot camp crew graduated. Results showed over 50% improvement in fitness testing, not to mention 2% body fat losses in four weeks and between 4-8lbs. Well done! We celebrated at Hove Park Run where almost all the Fitbitches recorded personal bests. All the better to enjoy that special FB brekkie!
Check out our next posting for the next camp start dates.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fitbitch Boot Camp Blitz starts 26th July

Sign up for our NEW two week boot camp which will run Monday through to Friday 7-8am, or our three evening per week camp (Mon, Tues & Thurs) and get ready to be transformed.
This blitz style camp which will run until August 6th will come with an exclusive two week menu plan designed to help you get in the best shape ever. So if you're about to walk down the aisle, hit the beach or you just want to get super fit, this is the camp that will get you there.
It is unlike any other camp in Brighton & Hove as we use equipment that will help you get greater results in less time.
Price £115 for the morning class, £70 for the evening class or £160 for the full whammy! If you are new to camp, book by Friday 16th July for 10% discount.

Monday, 5 July 2010

New two week boot camp launching

Got a holiday, birthday, wedding or race you have to get in shape? If you want to feel and look great, we are putting on a special two week intensive morning camp running 26th July - 6th August.
You can book in for the morning sessions, 7-8am Monday to Friday costing £115. Or try the evening camp 6.30-7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for £70.
Spaces will be limited so book soon to avoid disappointment. Email for details of how to book and for early bird discounts to be paid in full by 12th July.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Get your bikini body now

There's only a few weeks to go before your chance to get into the next Fitbitch Boot Camp starting June 28th - July 22nd. We are now selling out reflecting the fact that we get results both in weight loss and huge fitness improvement.
From mum of three with asthma to 5k runner, and from a business executive who can't run longer than five mins to training for a 10mile run, these are just a few of our latest successes. Then there's the weight losses which average at 7lb in four weeks but can be as much as a stone. Previous graduates have gone on to lose up to three stone whilst continuing with the camp and they've kept it off.
Plus any member of Fitbitch Boot Camp gets exclusive offers and deals - in the last two months graduates have enjoyed free meals at exclusive restaurant openings plus a free Pamper session including manicures and facials. Being a Fitbitch is a lifestyle not just a fitness camp.
Places are limited to 14 in the 7am camp which is the Full Fitbitch experience of 16 sessions. Plus in the 6am there will be 14 spaces of 16 sessions plus a further 6 spaces available for those who wish to drop in on an 8 or 12 session basis.
We will also be launching an evening camp in July, plus two week intensives Monday-Friday so keep your eyes peeled or become a fan on Facebook for the latest news.
Returning graduates enjoy a 10% discount on the Full Fitbitch Experience if booked and paid in full by this Friday June 4th and a 5% discount on 12 or 8 sessions.
For more details or booking email or call 07855 742195.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shiny, Happy Fitbitches...The Invite Series continues

Don't forget this Tuesday 1st June Fitbitch Boot Camp are holding the second in their series of 'Fitbitch Invites...' This time round it's a pamper session at Shine, Gloucester Road, Brighton.
On offer are free mini manicures, free mini facials, hair consultations plus huge discounts up to 50% off future hair and colour treatments plus beauty treatments. (terms and conditions apply). Book in NOW for your appointments via All the manicure slots have been filled but there's still room for facials.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Paris Training Plans

For those thinking of - or who have entered the run, here are the training programmes. Choose the one you think is most suited to you. Don't be tempted to overstretch yourself as this will just lead to injury. Slowly build up and no matter what position you are starting from you CAN do this.
And don't panic if you don't do EVERY single run - ideally you should but we have all followed training plans where a few runs have slipped off the radar! And remember Virgin Runners, 5k is 3miles which you have all done so the entry level training programme is doable. Start on Monday 31st and it will get you there by September 26th!
General notes - these have been set so you can do your long run at the weekend. choose which day though if you are doing boot camp on Monday! H stands for hills, E- easy, T-tempo.
If you feel none of these plans are for you, you can devise one with the use of SmartCoach at by entering your mileage and current running times.

Entry Level The 'Oh my God I'm terrified' runners

Week 1: 2Emiles, 3miles, 3L miles
week 2: 3Hmiles, 3Emiles, 4L
Week 3: 2Emiles, 3Hmiles, 3L
Week 4: 2Emiles, 3Hills, 3L
Week 5: 3miles, 4Hills, 5L
Week 6: 3E, 5H, 6L
Week 7: 3H, 5E,7L
Week 8: 2E, 4H, 4E
Week 9: 2E, 6H, 6L
Week 10: 3H, 6E, 7L
week 11: 2H, 5E, 8L
Week 12: 2E, 5H, 3E
Week 13: 4E, 4E, 9L
Week 14: 2H, 3E, 10L
Week 15: 2E, 5H, 7L
Week 16: 4E, 3E, 4E

The 'I've only done ParkRun a few times' runners

Wk 1: 2E, 4E, 5L
Wk 2: 2E, 4E, 5L
Wk 3: 2E, 5H, 6L
Wk 4: 4E, 3H, 3E
Wk 5: 3E, 5H, 7L
Wk 6: 3E, 5H, 7L
Wk 7: 4H, 5E, 8L
Wk 8: 2E, 4H, 4E
Wk 9: 4e, 6H, 8L
Wk 10: 3E, 5H, 8L
WK 11: 3H, 5E, 9L
Wk 12: 2E, 4H, 4E
Wk 13: 3H, 4E, 10L
Wk 14: 4E, 3H,8L
Wk 15: 4E, 3H, 7L
Wk 16: 4E, 3E, 3E

The 'I've done a 10k, I'll be, won't I?' runners

Wk 1: 2E, 5T (1mile warm up, 3miles faster, 1mile cool) 6L
Wk 2: 2E, 5H, 6L
Wk 3: 2E, 5T, 7L
Wk 4: 2E, 3H, 5L
Wk 5: 3E, 4T, 7L
Wk 6: 3E, 4H, 7L
Wk 7: 2E, 5T, 8L
Wk 8: 3E, 4H, 3E
Wk 9: 4E, 5T, 8L
Wk 10: 4E, 5H, 8L
Wk 11: 3T, 6E, 9L
Wk 12: 3E, 4T, 3E
Wk 13: 4T, 5E, 9L
Wk 14: 3H, 5T, 10L
Wk 15: 3E, 5H, 6L
Wk 16: 3E, 2E, 3E

The 'I've run 10miles before but never a hilly one!'
(on this plan and the one below alternative tempo and hill runs each week. Plan based on those running half marathon at 2hr mark)

The Long Distance Runners

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Foam Roller Master Class

Thursday 3rd June will see the second of a series of Master Class sessions. This one will be teach you the best techniques to get the most out of a foam roller.
Foam rollers should be the essential kit of all those who exercise as it helps to keep muscles supple, which means unrestricted range of movement.
Without full range of joint movement both performance will be affected and eventually it can result in injury.
The class will be held on Hove Lawns at 6.30pm and costs £10. Email to secure your place.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Fitbitches Take Paris training Run

On 26th September 2010, a group of Fitbitches will be travelling to Paris to take part in the annual 16k You can still enter and join us - start training now and no matter what level you are starting from you can do 16k. Training programmes will be available later this week, geared to beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Alternatively, if you're not sure you can make Paris or you just want to join us on the training run everyone is welcome.
The next training run will be Monday 7th June at 6.30pm, details to be announced. Don't worry if you're a beginner as you will be matched to someone of the same level and the run will be adjusted accordingly.

Fitbitch Graduation April-May Camp

After four weeks of uninterrupted sunshine and huge improvements in fitness and physiques, the class of April-May 2010 graduated at at Hove Park. Fitbitches of the camp this month were Amy Littlehailes who showed astounding improvement plus sprinting prowess that came out of nowhere! She ran her first 5k ever, with three babies in two and a buggy! She shares the honour of Fitbitch of the camp with Kate Gibson, Sonia Brown and Amelia Hart all who have gone from strength to strength and constantly challenged themselves outside of camp too. Although that is not to mention the huge gains - er and losses in pounds - of all the Fitbitche this camp! Brilliant work from all!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Fitbitch training run

It's going to be the hottest day of the year so far - start it with a bang by coming on a training run this Sunday May 23rd at 8am. eek!
This run is for EVERYONE no matter what level of fitness you are. I will be leading the run but there is no pressure to go fast, find someone your own speed and run with them. The total distance will be just under 12kms but we will give you landmarks to look out for so you can do 6kms, 8kms, or 10kms.
You can check out the route by going to and looking for the Fitbitch Paris Training Run. It's a flat one so it is a nice one to get your legs working!
Everyone who has entered the Paris-Versaille 16k run should be at this run which will meet at 8am outside on the seafront in Hove. Make sure you're on time as we will start running at 8.05am!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Paris Training Run

For those who haven't heard of it, the is a 16k run held in Paris on 26th September. There are already a number of us booked in for the race and we will be travelling out on Friday or Saturday and either returning on Sunday or Monday.
Those entering the race 'The Fitbitch 16kers' can choose from a training programme geared to beginners,intermediate or advanced levels. This will be posted here in the next few weeks.
We are also holding monthly Sunday trainings although these are open to EVERYONE whether you are doing the race or not so do come along. The first one is this Sunday 23rd May starting at 8am meeting outside Marroccos on the seafront.
We will be running 12k in total but the route will be planned so that you can loop and return to make it 6k, 8k or 10k. There is no pressure to keep up with the front runners but just use it as a way of helping to push your own running and to have company on a training run!
Email if you are coming or just turn up on the day. Don't be late!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Fitbitches of May

Congratulations to the Fitbitch Boot Camp April-May graduates. Not only great weight loss, and strength gains but they managed to get through fours weeks without a single drop of rain! A first I think in boot camp.
FBBC though is not just about weight loss and figure shaping but improving fitness and building stronger, fitter better bodies. Which everyone has done!
Fitness results below:
Mary Push ups 15-17 Planks 21secs - 60secs Sit ups 8 to 16
Amy 19-29 - 62secs to 2mins - 7 -14
Amelia 18-30 - 1min 32secs to 2mins 15secs - 21 to 22
Sophie 21 - 26 - 55secs to 1 min 10secs - 16-22
Kate 31-43 - 1min 4sec to 1min 40secs - 23-25
Bev 35-40 - 3mins 10secs to 3mins 28secs - 15-16
Sonia 28-37 - 1min 15 to 1min 15 - 33-33

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Kettlebell Masterclass

Wednesday 12th May saw the first in series of special one off masterclasses for graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp. This one was on kettlebell techniques where everyone learned how to swing the kettlebell safely, as well as new movements and swings that they can now use in their own training.
Next up in the series will be a special foam roller master class which will equip you with the tools for greater flexibility and range of movement essential for functional movement. It will be taken by guest teacher, Lily Rose Double a highly qualifed sports expert and qualified sports massage therapist. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming booking.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Fitbitch Heroes

Don't forget Fitbitches at the Heroes Run this Sunday 16th May starting from Hove Lawns. You can enter the 5k or the Superheroes 10k. If you've always been terrified of entering a race but would love to do one then this is the one to do.
Not only is it fun but there are lots of other Fitbitches going too who will all be their to cheer you on.
And for those who regularly race - get yourself on that podium!!

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

Ever felt like you are getting fatter even though you haven't changed anything about your lifestyle? Well it could be due to the fact that from around the age of 35, you lose around 1/2 a pound of lean muscle tissue a year. You might not think that means anything but muscles are the calorie burning furnace of the body.
This tissue burns calories constantly, even when at rest and once you start losing it, your metabolism slows down and you start putting on weight. Yet another reason why it is never a good idea to crash diet or starve yourself as you're just slowing down your calorie burning oven. It is also why it is essential to do strength training not just cardio exercise.
If you're pushed for time then one of the best ways to do this is with kettlebells. They provide a dynamic, quick work out which ticks all the boxes - quick, easy if you know how, fun and fantastic at building muscle and burning calories whilst you're using them too!
Find out how to use them properly and try new techniques this Wednesday 12th May at 6-7pm.
This is only open to FB graduates or those booking in the May camp. Cost £10

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The importance of foam rollers

Last week, we experimented with foam rollers at the beginning of camp which should be as essential a piece of kit as your running shoes. A foam roller works on the same principle as a sports massage therapist but at approximately £10 is a darn sight cheaper.
It is cylindrical piece of hard foam which you can roll over for a self massage and which works to release myofascia tissues. This is the soft connective tissue that wraps and connects muscles, bones and blood vessels. Often due to injury, misuse or lots of exercise without sufficient stretching, it and the underlying muscle tissue can become stuck together resulting in tight muscles, reduced flexibility and/or range of motion in joints.
Moreover, if one muscle is inhibited another muscle will kick in to do the work resulitng in a domino effect which will eventually lead to biomechanical failures.
So how exactly does rolling on a piece of hard foam help? Foam rollers work by tricking the muscles into relaxing by stimulating the action of a sensory receptor in the muscle fibres called the Golgi Tendon Organ. This is highly sensitive to muscle tension and when it feels a muscle being stretched too tight, it forces it to relax and lengthen to prevent it tearing.
Of course, a foam roller is no substitute for a professionally trained sports massage therapist or for seeing someone if you are injured. But at just over £10 it should be a vital piece of equipment for anyone who exercises, from the occasional 5k runner to someone running regular marathons. The downside? It is painful but stick with it every day and you will see huge improvements in flexibility, range of motion and sports performance. Visit for a range of Foam rollers. You can see a range of self massage exericses you can do by following this link

Friday, 7 May 2010

Graduation and Get Together

Fancy some of this? Well, it's the one time I'll say that you can as it's that time again - graduation! The April camp finishes May 13th and the Fitbitch breakfast is at Hove Park Cafe on Saturday 22nd May after completion of the 5k Hove Park Run. You will need to register for the run at
The breakfast, a mixture of muesli,yoghurt and fruit, poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and lots of other yummy stuff is £7 per head.
All past graduates and new graduates welcome. Please book your place by emailing

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fitbitches at Pho restaurant

Last week, new Vietnamese restaurant Pho hosted Fitbitch Boot Camp to an exclusive menu tasting. The healthy restaurant chain, with branches in London is opening here on Black Lion Street this month. Yet they opened their doors before their official launch to the clients of Fitbitch for an exclusive, complimentary tasting.
Fresh Vietnamese Spring rolls, a mixture of fresh prawns, noodles, bean sprouts and fresh mint with a dipping sauce, healthy Pho soups and zingy salads make this restaurant the perfect venue for a Fitbitch. Choose well and Vietnamese combines a perfect mix of low fat protein with none of the fattening coconut overtones of Thai food.
Can't same the same for their alcoholic drinks which I hear some Fitbitches were enjoying!
The night was one of the first in a series of Fitbitch event exclusive to graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp which in some way embody the healthy principles and confidence of a true Fitbitch. Join us on or become a fan on Facebook to ensure you are the first to hear about the next event.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fitbitches in Paris

There's been a few tentative flurries of interest in the Paris to Versaille Run on Sunday 26th September . And I'd hazard a guess that there are a fair few more who are interested but are understandably terrified about the distance. But with a 16 week training programme which will take you right up to race day, this is easily manageable for every FB graduate I have trained or am currently training. As long as you put in the trianing beforehand though not that this will involve hours of night runs, hydration pack and replacement salts in hand!
If you're a beginner a training regime can be slow, steady and gradual even if you're starting from a position of a 5k that is over 30minutes.
Want an example of what this training programme might involve? You could run just three times a week, with a run of two miles one day, 2.5 the next and a four mile longer run on Sunday. Each week, the mileage on the Sunday would build gradually so you would hardly notice it but by race day, you'd be up to the distance.
I know taking on something like this can seem terrifying. I recently competed in a two day adventure race something I'd never done before and had no idea what to expect. It was intimidating but when you're doing it, you just do it. Afterwards, it seems like nothing. And I promise you that is what this will seem like to you too. Except that you will be filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment. And a nice glass of red wine and possibly a tarte tatin!
We'll aim to leave on Friday or Saturday and come back Monday. You need to enter soon - email me with confirmation and you will get a free training programme and at least one training run per month on a Sunday with me and the other Fitbitch 10mile Club. (no smutty jokes there please!)

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

If you are joining the kettlebell class at 6pm Wednesday 12th please confirm your place and sort out payment prior to the evening. I have now sold out of the kettlebells I had but am able to get more at the same prices, although there will be delivery charges on top which will vary according to how many orders I receive.
Prices are as follows: 16k £40, 12k £35, 8k £28 4K 20.
In order to get the bells in time for the class I will have to order them next week so don't delay!

Monday, 26 April 2010

New 6am camp - booking now!

Get yourself summer fit and supercharge your motivation levels and confidence this summer. We're launching a new 6am boot camp open to all levels which you can book for 8, 12 or 16 sessions on May 17th -10th June.
You can book eight sessions and do intensively for two weeks, do two a week or even one session for two weeks and three in the last week. It is up to you how you use up your sessions as long as you tell me a week in advance.
Prices are as follows:
Eight sessions: £100
Twelve sessions: £140
Sixteen sessions: £180
You will only get a body composition, weight, biomechanical and diet assessment, plus eating plan if you are doing the full Fitbitch experience of 16 sessions.
For returning Fitbitches, there is a 10% early bird discount if paid in full by this Friday 1st May.

Booking now! Early Bird specials for FB grads

We've now had a taste of summer weather which means it's not long until the bikini season. Alternatively, if you're training for sports specific events, the summer season is not far off.
If you want to super charge your fitness levels and get trim and toned, the next Fitbitch Boot Camp starts Monday 17th May and places are booking fast!
There will be the usual 7am class for 12 people maximum at £180, including diet assessment, body composition and biomechanical assessment and individualised homework. For those returning to Fitbitch Boot Camp, there is a 10% early bird discount if paid in full by this Friday 1st May.

Fitbitch trial - postponed

Just a quick posting to let you know that this Wednesday's free trial has been postponed. Please email for details about the next trial session.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

If you want to burn calories like there's no tomorrow, create a shapely bikini body or add strength and power to your sports performance, step up to the kettlebell.
These ball shaped weights are the favourite fitness tool of celebrity trainers around the world, helping to create the figures of everyone from Penelope Cruz to Jennifer Lopez. These women HAVE to look good so it's a testament to the tool's effectiveness that they are used so widely in Hollywood.
Celebrities aside, kettlebells which were originally invented in Russia, create dynanmic work outs that can also help improve range of movement and flexbility rather than shortened, bulky muscles if you know how to use them.
On Wednesday May 12th at 6pm we will be holding a kettlebell Masterclass for graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp only. You will learn new techniques and movements that you can do at home and add to your own routines. Cost for the hour long class is £10.
You must bring your own kettlebell to the class. If you are interested in purchasing one please email . I have sold out but can get more at a slightly more expensive price as I will have to pay shipping.