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Monday, 28 December 2009

Fitbitch Success

Those of you familiar with Fitbitch Boot Camp will have read about Belinda Muir's astonishing progress before. Yet it's worth mentioning again because it goes to show the importance of always setting yourself new goals that will keep your figure and fitness constantly adapting.
Forty-eight year old Belinda started at Fitbitch BC in March 2009 weighing 13stone 7lb, unable to run for more than 10minutes. By the end of the first camp she had lost 13lb and was running her first 5k at around 38minutes.
Fast forward less than one year on and Belinda now weighs 10st 4lb, has completed the Brooks 10k and is now in training for her first half marathon. Now 75minute runs are just something she does without thinking. But that's not all - she's already got her sights on doing the South Downs Relay Marathon!

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