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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


'I signed up to Fitbitch to tone up and lose weight. In just 4 week I lost 8 lbs. I had a great trainer in Rachael and a fitbitch crew who made you want to get out of bed to run through the rain with them on a daily basis. Rachael’s eating plan was easy and I never felt as though I was dieting, just living a healthier lifestyle. After a week I noticed a change in my mood and I had a lot more energy. Thanks to Rachael exercise no longer seems boring. Everyday was different and really fun. Thanks to Fitbitch I have made some great friends and I am healthier for it.'
Natasha Ballie, 25, vintage clothes designer of, Hurstpierpoint. Fitbitch Boot camp General Level May 2009

Fitbitch Testimonials

Since April 2009 I have lost almost 2 stone, dropped three dress sizes and feel so much happier! I have now completed the general level and level 2 boot camps and have seen my body shape change and stamina increase throughout. Now it's completely normal for me to be off running on Hove seafront with fellow fitbitches at 6am, as well as looking forward to 5k parkrun races every Saturday and also am getting ready to run the Brooks Brighton 10k in November. Thanks to Rachael "Queen Fitbitch" and some amazing fitbitch friends who have been present along with me on this journey... I'm a new Steph and SO much happier!! This is a life changing experience for women and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Stephanie Scheir, 35, make-up artist, graduate of Fitbitch Boot Camp Level 2, May 2009.

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'I'd recommend this camp to any woman wanting to change their lifestyle. It isn't a military style camp that slaps you into shape. It's an experience that inspires and teaches your body something new every day to help you achieve amazing results.
I've gone from barely being able to run 2miles to 12miles in the space of 4 months. All my old clothes fit me again and I just feel full of confidence. Once you've been FitBitched you just keep coming back for more.
Kim Boucher, 33, camp graduate Oct, November, December, 2010, January 2011.

'I lost 6lbs in my first bootcamp, as well as countless inches. I felt fitter, happier and had more to talk about with my friends, who were captivated by my tales from that morning's bootcamp!
Rachel's professional guidance make it feel like you're getting personal training, and training in the sunrise with new friends just makes you feel fantastic.
I am fitter, thinner and have bags more energy...and I just feel much more confident in all areas of my life.
Tanya Taylor, 36, mum of four. Camp graduate, 2010 and 2011

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Congratulations to Belinda

It's always inspiring to read about previous graduates and how well they're doing so Congratulations to Belinda Muir. The 48-year old make-up artist has lost over three stone since starting boot camp and has just been announced as Brighton&Hove ParkRun winner.
For all you who think you can't possibly run that far, or take part in a timed race, Belinda had never run before. Ever. Her next mission is to conquer the Brooks 10K run on November 15th.
There will be a Fitbitch team there so if you fancy the challenge, enter here or get in touch.