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Monday, 28 December 2009

Fitbitch Testimonial

I just wanted to thank you so super much for the great work and fun you've done with Fitbitch Boot Camp. From being someone who has never taken part in sport (even at school i managed to blag my way out of it) I've now taken part in a novice triathlon, 11 mile cross country Hellrun and am setting triathlon/racing goals for 2010!
It really is all down to the excellent training and environment you've created through Fitbitch! I truly truly enjoyed myself, it gave me the stamina to mentally pull myself out of a personal rut and I have found confidence and peace just by hitting the road running. Plus, since finishing boot camp I kept getting compliments on my trim shape even though i never really managed to stick to the eating plan (too much going on elsewhere). So thanks so much!
Tanya Krikke, 34.
Tanya is now off travelling with her family but before she goes, she's set up a vegetarian pop up restaurant, Purple Sprouting. For more information

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