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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Want to become a FitBitch Hell Runner?

Getting fit can be difficult when you've got nothing to aim towards. It is why so many women fall off the fitness wagon, bored and feeling like they're getting nowhere. But commit to a race (don't be put off by the word, it can be fun!) and you will find your motivation and fitness gains transformed.
To prove how much it can make a difference, this weekend FitBitch Boot Camp travels out to Paris with 11 women who have trained together as the FitBitch Paris Jog Squad to be able to run 16k through the streets of Paris to Versaille.
'Right, I bet they were already fit to begin,' you might think to yourself.
True, a few were but most were total running virgins when they started. Ranging in age from 35 to 58, they're now all super fit, and can run for miles, up hill, down hills and with sprint finishes.
If you want to take on a similar challenge, we're running a training event in time for the HellRun, a 10mile trail running event on November 27th or 28th
You can either join the FitBitch HellRunner Jog Squad in preparing for the race, or simply join the runs to keep yourself motivated with a group of fun women.
You don't have to have been a FitBitch campee, be super fit or have run a race before. All you need is a pair of trainers and the desire to have a laugh while getting fit. No matter what your fitness level, the training run will work for you.
(all the weekend training runs will be in the morning, evening will be 7.30pm).

FitBitchHellRunner Extreme: 8 training runs, plus training programme, heart rate training zones, £50
You will be able to choose from three training plans, beginner,intermediate, advanced. This will not be personalised (I charge £100 per person for this service) but it will give you the right type of training geared to the particular 'Hell', which I've raced twice before myself. Heart rate zones personalised.

FitBitch Runner - 8 training runs plus heart rate zones, £32
see schedule below for the runs. These will be a mixture of long, hilly, pace runs and more so can be used even if you're not doing the hell run to challenge your own fitness level

FitBitch Hell Run Training Plan

FitBitch Fade In & Outer, £5
Drop in for the runs and pay on the day

FitBitch Training Runs
Sunday 3rd October
Tuesday 5th October probably 7.30 onwards
Saturday 16th October
Sunday 24th October
Sunday 7th November
Tuesday 9th November
Tuesday 16th November
Tuesday 23rd November

Monday, 20 September 2010

Become a FitMutha!

If you're fed up with feeling out of shape, out of breath and just generally frustrated with yourself for trying to start a fitness regime but never getting going, , join FitMuthas.
Our camps are not like other boot camps. Our four weeks, 1 hr sessions are a journey that will take youfrom feeling uncondfident about your ability to even exercise, to thinking of yourself as a runner, boxer, and even sprinter! Sounds unbelievable? In four day's time, there are 10 women from our camps going to Paris to run in a 10mile race. 80% of them started out never having run before.
And that's not to mention the shape up effects - 5-14pounds in four weeks sound good?
Camp starts Tuesday 28th September and runs for four weeks - do three sessions a week or four. By the end you won't just be fit for your average mum. You'll be a FitMutha!
Book now at or call 07855 742195 for prices.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shine Offer

If you have received an email regarding the FitBitch Boot Camp offer through Shine, please book via or call 07855 742195. If you are interested in FitMuthas at 9.45am please email stating this as your subject.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

FitMuthas Boot Camp - special offer!

There's just over three weeks until FitMuthas at Hove Park starts. Whether you are already fit and need a new challenge or you're a complete novice, this camp will help you get fit or fitter, lose weight and generally feel on top of the world. The camp is designed so you can do it as a one-off although many people re-book with a 90% retention rate. Which shows it works!
If you are new to our camps, we are offering a special offer of £150 on all camps, FitBitch and FitMuthas although look out for Latest 7 on sale THIS WEEK for further offers.
We're booking up fast so hurry - if you really want to change and feel great (why would you not?!) sign up and by the end of camp on 15th October, you'll be transformed. (can't make four weeks, email for drop-in details).
Forget the guilt at spending money on yourself - this really will be good for you which means good for everyone else in your life too.