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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The FitBitch effect

Tanya Taylor, 38, mum of four
I'm fitter, thinner and have bags more energy. But it's also given me so confidence in myself and what I'm capable of achieving. I've gone from 5k to HellRunner and a half marathon. Who'd have thought that a year ago?

Kate Gibson, 43, a project worker,
I joined FitBitch thinking my weight gain was an inevitable part of ageing but hoping I'd at least get fitter. My shape has now changed completely to the point that I wore a bikini for the first time in 15 years last summer. I've learned so much and had so much fun doing it too. It's been life changing.

Tanya Krikke, 36, pop up restaurant purple broccoli
I've always avoided exercise and I didn't know how I'd feel about doing a boot camp but wanted to get in shape. But I truly, truly loved FitBitch. It gave me the stamina to mentally pull myself out of a personal rut and has given me new found self confidence and peace. Plus, I keep getting compliments on my trim shape Thanks so much!

Pip Henderson, 40, a performer
Rachael told me that she'd have me running 5k by the end of camp and I thought she was mad. She was right and am now running 8 miles as if it's nothing. I've spent nearly 40 years looking for solutions to getting fit and in shape only to find the answer in four weeks. Exercising outdoors, seeing the sun rise over West Pier and making life long friends, I can't describe how much FitBitch has changed my life.

Eileen Melville, 50-something, a leadership business consultant
I'd never been sporty and couldn't imagine exercise ever being anything but a necessary evil to help me lose weight. But I love FitBitch and couldn't’t believe it was me at first getting up at 6.30am to cycle to Hove Lawns in sun, rain, wind.
I started camp weighing 11 stone 10 lbs having given up on wearing jeans. I'm now 9st 12 lbs, and wearing 29 inch skinny jeans! I’m more confident, calmer and much happier than the unfit, overweight person that I used to be.