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Monday, 10 August 2009

The Beep Test - Level Two

This morning saw the start of August's Level Two Boot Camp. There were some new faces along with several who have returned for another level 2 session.
And there were two graduates of Level one, Belinda and Steph who have moved up the Fitbitch fitness ladder. If you're reading this, thinking that there's no way you could ever run a race or even want to exercise other than to lose weight Belinda and Steph are proof that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Belinda has lost three stone since starting in April and has gone from never having run ANYWHERE to running regular 5km races every Saturday (morning!), along with Steph. Next step? The Brooks 10k.
This morning saw the group complete various fitness tests, including The Beep Test. If the only type of fitness you have ever done was PE at school, then you may never have had the pleasure of coming across the dreaded beep or Bleep test as it is known.
The test is a way of measuring a person's aerobic fitness - or maximum oxygen uptake (V02 max).
The test is made up of 23 levels with each level lasting approximately one minute. Each level comprises of a series of 20m shuttle runs with a starting speed of 8.5km/hr. This increases by 0.5km per hour each stage. So, what's the point of it, if other than to 'psyche' you up for Fitbitch?
You know at Boot camp were never about show or image - everything has a purpose...
With training it is possible to improve your oxygen uptake and the beep test is a simple tool to mark your progress. And in terms of improving your fitness and sports specific goals, it is worth being able to improve your V02 max levels.
Why? During most forms of exercise, the body depends on oxygen to help provide the energy it uses. It is extracted from the air by the lungs and transported via the blood to the working muscles. As intensity increases, there's an increase in the body's demand for oxygen.
But at a certain point, oxygen demand can not satisfy the muscles and the body switches to anaerobic (without oxygen)metabolism. The only disadvantage to this is that the it can only sustain high rates of energy production for a short while. think lactic acid build up - or that burning thigh feeling! Therefore, improve oxygen uptake and you are more likely to avoid the high levels of fatigue that come with anaerobic methods.
Here's your results girls!
Jan - Level 5, Shuttle 6
Maxine - Level 5, Shuttle 8
Thurka - Level 8, Shuttle 7
Belinda - Level 4, shuttle 6
Steph - Level 3, Shuttle 2

Fitbitch Level Two - July

After four weeks in which we've faced rain and sunshine, run around a few clubbers sleeping it off on Hove Lawns, the first Level Two Fitbitch Boot Campees graduated with amazing results.
Sprint times improved by more than a second, and everyone smashed their Beep Test records. And lets not even mention those 'plank offs'!
At this level it's about improving fitness and sports perfomance and the weightloss is just an added side effect. The dress sizes dropped again for all.

On the home straight

After a wet July, we were finally blessed with some dry if not grey weather as we began the last week of Level Two. Here, beneath Brigton's new spectacular renovated bandstand we enjoyed Brigton's Boulders of Doom ...only known to those initiated into the fitness dark arts of Level two. And Thurka shows off her skill on the TRX.

Fitbitch Level One

After four weeks of hard work, Fitbitch Level One faced the ultimate test - they may call it Stairway to Hell. But in Fitbitch parlance it's Stairway to Heavenly Bum & Thighs!
It certainly did the job - everyone in camp dropped a dress size and more impressively two of our graduates completed their first 5k run at Hove Park. A month ago, neither had ever run before even at school. Next stop? The 10k Brooks Run!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Are you ready to change your fitness and diet life?

Do you want to…..

• Shape up
• Lose weight
• Get fit
• And feel great …..
All in four weeks?

Then join the revolution that are Brighton & Hove's Fitbitch Boot Camps.
Boot camp Start dates:
6th July -30th July
10th August - 3rd September
14th September - 8th October

Meeting at Hove Lawns for 1hr sessions Monday - Thursday over the course of four weeks, these women-only fitness camps are unique in being restricted to just 10 people. This means you get personal attention and an individually tailored fitness and diet programme to help you reach YOUR individual goals. Whether that's improving your fitness for a 10k run, losing weight for your wedding or getting in shape for the beach.

The cost? Just £180, which works out at £10 a session.

The price includes…

• An individual fitness and body composition assessment before and after the camp
• Personalised diet assessment and healthy eating plan
• 24/7 online support and advice, including the Fitbitch Twitter
• The support and encouragement from your fellow FB camp mates
• Celebratory graduation from the Fitbitch Academy to include a prize for the most improved

You can choose to attend during the following time slots*
6.10am -7.10am
7.15am -8.15am
9.40am - 10.40am

Book soon as places are already half full for September and only a few remain for August. Past Fitbitchers have lost up to 13lb in one boot camp and gone from couch potato too 5km runners.