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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Read what our graduates think of camp

Pip Henderson, 42, a performer (pictured front doing the splits!)lost 9lbs
'I signed up after a leaflet dropped through my door when I was feeling really miserable about my shape, weight, lack of fitness and lifestyle. I was desperate for change and FitBitch seemed just the thing as it was women only and promised something new every day.
It was the best decision I've ever made; every session I felt like I had my own personal trainer as the instruction and encouragement was so individual. And true to Rachael's promise every day was different – even Space Hopper and group skipping on one day which made me forget I was even exercising.
As for the eating plan,it has taught me that eating healthily is about exploring new foods, not elimination. Even when I was wavering at home, I'd get personalised support and encouragement via Twitter.
Rachael told me at the start that she'd have me running 5k by the end and I thought she was mad. Unbelievably I did it and have now even signed up for the Lisbon Half Marathon with FitBitch!
I've spent nearly 40 years looking for solutions to getting fit and in shape only to find the answer in four weeks!
I can't describe how much FitBitch has changed my life. It has been the best money I've ever spent. I can not thank you enough!'

Anna Moore, 36, editor, (5th from left)
I booked FitBitch in a bid to boost my fitness and improve my running although I was really nervous about starting. I shouldn't have worried as the sessions were brilliant fun and so varied. At the end of every session, I felt like I'd exercised all my muscles!
Because the camps are small, I was confident that I was doing everything properly as everything was corrected so I learned so much.
I have loved every minute of the camp, including exercising outdoors no matter what the weather and seeing the sun rise. It's been beautiful.
For me, FitBitch has been brilliant value for money, I loved seeing daily photographs of the camp on Twitter which really helped to bond as even more as group. And being able to tweet Rachael whenever I had a question about diet or home work exercise makes FitBitch so much more than a camp but a one to one service. We finished camp running the Hove Park 5k – it was amazing and summed up the whole spirit of FitBitch – challenging but incredibly rewarding and fun.'

Jenny Hands, 26, a massage therapist, (first left) lost 9lbs
I booked FitBitch boot camp because I was putting on 2lbs a week and I felt I needed help with my diet and exercising. At first, it was tough but I soon realised that with Rachael's encouragement I was accomplishing things I'd thought I wouldn't be able to do.
Having to keep a food diary and receiving a written assessment was scary but it completely summed up where I was going wrong on my diet. And I couldn't believe how much I could eat by following the FitBitch eating principles and still lose weight!
Before I started I worried about the price of the camp, but I nowrealise I haven't just received four weeks of fitness training but a life time of good advice for a healthy and improved lifestyle. Thank you so much, I could never have achieved it without FitBitch.

Kate Gibson, 45, a project worker, (far right)
I joined FitBitch because I was edging towards my mid forties and felt unfit and out of shape.
I thought there was little I could do about my weight and it was part of getting older but getting a written report on my diet highlighted the bad habits I'd got stuck in. And I learned so many new exercises in camp, as well as re-acquainting my self with ones from my childhood like skipping which I loved.
I've been doing camp now for 10 months and every one is different. In the mean time my shape has changed completely, and I was able to wear a bikini for the first time in 15 years this summer.
It's been life changing and worth every single penny.

Sarah Stevenson, 34, a charity events organiser (3rd from right)
I was sceptical about the difference a four week camp could make to my fitness or diet at the beginning, but I'm now a total convert. Every session was such a lot of fun with stimulating, different exercises. I left every day on a complete endorphin high! I've learned lots of new exercises and it's taught me so much about the healthy way to eat. I'm already missing it a week on!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Christmas FitBitch Two week Blitz - December 6th-17th

Want to feel on top of the world and look fantastic this Christmas? We're holding a special intensive FitBitch Xmas Two weeker. It will run Mon-Friday, five mornings a week for two weeks. Choose between the 6am or 7am camp.
Use it to supercharge your energy levels to cope with the festive season, to help you feel fantastic or to ensure you can get into that knockout Xmas dress.
Only 14 spaces per camp so book soon - once they're gone there's no more spaces available.
Use the drop down menu below to pay. It costs £135 for the two week programme including pre and post assessment plus two week diet plan. Or £115 for the two week camp alone.

To book go to the right hand side and choose your slot in the drop down menu.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Want to become a FitMutha?

Do you always feel like there's never any time for you? Between looking after the kids, sorting out the house, and trying to work, does it feel like exercise comes last on your list? Well, now that can change with our new FitMuthas camp.
Drop the kids at school and come to Hove Park for 1 hour, three days a week (Tue-Thurs 9.45am-10.45am) and see your fitness and shape changed forever.
Built on the same principles as FB, you get 1:1 attention so it's as close to personal training as you can get but better. Why? Because few people can afford PT three times a week except the A-list. So it means you're getting trained like a Hollwyood star for a fraction of the cost.
At FitMuthas, you will have fun, learn lots and leave feeling fit, fantastic and like a real FitMutha.
Our next camp is booking now - don't delay as there's only 14 spaces.
Price includes assessments and healthy eating plan for £135 or book with a friend and get the camp for £110 each (please tell us your friend's name when booking). Alternatively, pay £12 for drop in session.

To book your place, go to the right hand side of this website and use the PayPal buttons.

FitBitch Boot Camp Four Weeks Nov 8th - Dec 2nd

Do you want to feel and look different in four weeks? Then sign up to the last four week camp of 2010. We've already had a fantastic year at boot camp with every woman who has come through camp being transformed. Not just in terms of shape and weight loss but in fitness and confidence. FitBitches are those women who realise that fitness is fun, as well as empowering.
Join the phenomenon and feel great by December - why wait for January?!
Hurry as there are only 14 spaces.
New members £150, returning graduates £162 if booked and paid for before Friday October 22nd. Book by emailing

Thursday, 14 October 2010

FitBitch Hell Runners Training Run

The Jog Squad is back! We've mastered Paris, now FB are tackling Hell Run Down South on 27th November. Anyone is welcome to join our regular runs which cost £5 per session.
Our next one is Saturday 16th October, meeting corner of Lustrell Vale and Saltdean Vale at 7.45am. The run will be 9miles so we will be turning around mid way through this run published here. Other runs will start from Brighton so you don't have to have a car. Email for more details.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Swiss Ball Sunny Master Class

It's going to be a balmy, sunny morning in Brighton tomorrow, Saturday 9th October. And what better way to enjoy it than with a relaxing, stretching Swiss Ball session that will draw on the principles of yoga with a bit of core work thrown in.
A one hour master class starting at 8.30am on Hove Lawns, bring your own Swiss Ball and prepare to learn the secrets to core exercises that you will not have come across before.
This master class will equip you with a range of new exercises and some fantastic ways of increasing your flexibility in a relaxing way.
Any one is welcome to drop in for £10 but please email or call 07855 742195 beforehand.