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Thursday, 4 August 2011

We've moved!

We've finally launched our new website, so all future FitBitchBoot Camp postings will be at where you can also subscribe to our fantastic new Diet & Lifestyle blog

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Graduate Early Bird: Deadline Looming

If you have done a camp before, then you are entitled to just over a 10% discount, which means you get an assessment for £160 instead of £180. But if you want to book our next camps, hurry. The deadline is tomorrow!

The Bikini Body Mission July 4th - 11th

Just two weeks until our next Bikini Body Fortnight starts, July 4th-14th.
At FitBitch we emphasise the importance of fitness and function over aesthetics. But we recognise that some times, just wanting to look great on the beach is what helps to motivate you. So this camp comes with an exclusive two week daily eating plan so you have something to follow every day which will help you shrink a bikini size.
Hurry and book via the paypal button.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bikini Bodies Blast July 5th - July 14th

Holidays are something to look forward to, but all to often the thought of revealing your body on the beach can mar the expectation. Step forward our dedicated Bikini Blast Two Weeker!
Week one runs Tues-Thurs,@7pm and Saturday 8.30am, and week two runs Mon-Thurs @ 7pm.
Book with a weigh in/out and exclusive eating plan to help you get bikini ready. It's £125 for the camp with diet, £90 camp alone.
This will be taken by founder, Rachael Woolston on Brighton & Hove seafront.

Four weeks to a fantastic fit figure July 11-Aug 4

From boxing to FitBitch handbags (aka Kettlebells), and from playground slides and zip wires to sand sprinting, there is nothing that we don't utilise in helping you get into the fittest, finest shape of your life in our four week camps. Book on the column on the right hand side.

£150 new members, £160 graduates early bird (deadline Monday 20th June NO EXCEPTIONS), full camp with assessments £180 and with diet report and eating plan £225.

For the last two months, our 6am camps have sold out so don't delay if you want to transform your fitness and figure this summer.
Queens' Park, 6am or 7am with Melissa
Hove Lawns, 6am or 7am with Katie

Monday, 16 May 2011

Barefoot running?

Are you interested in barefoot running? If so, please visit our sister website, for details of a workshop with the renowned world barefoot expert, Barefoot Ted on Monday 23rd May.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Drop a dress size two weeks -FitMuthas is Back!

Our fantastic camp for mums, and those freelancers who find that their working day is better geared to starting later in the day.
Two weeks of fantastic fun fuelled fitness sessions at Hove Park from 10-11am on Mon, Tuesday, and Friday from Monday 6th June - Friday 17th June.
What are the sessions like? Think our usual brand of exciting, challenging exercises like boxing, Playground Parkour and more.
Just because you've become a mum, it doesn't mean that you have no other identity beyond this, right? So become a FitMutha!
Book via PayPal on the right. Cost £75 or £115 with assessment and exclusive 2 week eating plan.
Trainer: Katie

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hollywood Bikini Bodies Weekend Camp,2nd-3rd July

Want a fitness blast that will leave you feeling fantastic? Do you want to learn the inside tips and tricks that Hollywood trainers use with their A-List clientele?
This weekend camp, 9am-3pm Saturday, 7am-1pm Sunday will give you all this and more in a fantastic figure shaping two days. Best of all, you still get your afternoons free!
You can book for one day, £75 or for both for just £115.
We only accept 14 women per day so you get the attention you need. No matter what your shape, or fitness level all our camps are created with the individual in mind so we can gear it to YOU. So, don't worry about not being fit enough, or indeed, not being challenged enough!
This camp is being run by Rachael Woolston, a trained yoga teacher with specialisations in kettlebells and TRX training (THE workout favourites of stars from J-Lo to Angelina Jolie). She has also spent over a decade interviewing and writing about some of the top celebrity trainers in the world for magazines including Reveal and Marie Claire.
Here's a taste of what you can expect...

Booty Boxing Beach Blast
Fast, fun, figure shaping action with real boxing work out – with a sting in the tail!

Hollywood Core Circuits
Want to try the tummy flattening secrets to Gywneth Paltrow's figure? Or how Cameron Diaz gets a super strong core that makes her one of Hollywood's best female surfers? Get it all in this session

Hells Bells
Get to work with the FitBitch iron handbags, and no, we are not secret Thatcherites. We mean kettlebells, one of the most effective strength and conditioning workouts used by most LA trainers

Then there's the Hollywood Heavenly Bodies session...and so much more!

This camp will seriously leave you feeling ready for the beach.

Book via the PayPal button to your right. Details of the next weekends being released shortly.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

FitBitch Style - Hoodies and T-shirts

Have you been FitBitched? Now get the FB style ...t-shirts and hoodies are now available in either our trademark purple or black.
Hoodies cost £35 and are 50% cotton and 50% polyester mix, with the FB logo on front and running club logo on the back.
T-shirts are short sleeved, 100% cotton and cost £15. Book via paypal button on the right making sure you choose the right size and colour option.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Taste of FitBitch Boot Camp

Always wanted to know what actually goes on in a FitBitch Boot Camp? Or do you worry that it all sounds a bit scary and military? Well, founded by Rachael Woolston who is a trained yoga teacher there are no army fatigues in sight.
Anyway, pictures speak louder than words so click this link for a brief glimpse at the pheomenonal fitness camp that is fun and will get you fit and help you drop a dress size in the most unique way possible.
Our next camps start Monday 18th April and Tuesday 25th (evening) so hurry! Only one space left in the early camp.

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Bikini Sessions: Weekend Camp

Want to get in shape quick for a wedding, party, or holiday? Or do you simply want to kickstart your exercise regime or boost your endorphins?
We're launching our new weekend intensives, The Bikini Sessions. These will run once a month throughout the spring/summer season, the first being Saturday May 14th-15th.
In addition to our unique FitBitch sessions, the camps will include guest teachers including yoga sessions and boxing with a pro boxer in a working boxing gym.(see below for a typical day).
Recognising that a little yin (relaxation) is as important as yang (fast& furious) our weekenders start early, allowing you to fit a 'days' workout into a morning. Which means you still get time to spend the rest of your weekend as you wish (even if it is lying down!)
Book for one day (either Saturday 8am-2pm or Sunday 7am-1pm) at £75, or the weekend for £110. (this does not include food or accommodation).
There are limited spaces so book soon to avoid disappointment.
**A Typical Day**
The Playground Sessions - think core work with the unique TRX training system and rainbow Pilates core work!
Snack break
Beach Box Sessions - booty firming session with beach boxing
Mid morning break
Body Bell Shape up - kettlebell workout
Snack break
Let the Good Times Roll - team up for circuit sessions
Chillates - Reelax with yoga and pilates
Book by clicking the paypal button to your right.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Bikini Two Week Evening Camp - April 26th

Not an early bird? Now you can experience FitBitch in the evening with our two week Bikini Sessions camp starting April 26th-Saturday 7th. Sessions run Tues-Thurs at 7pm, and Saturday morning 8.30am on Hove seafront.
Our camps are bespoke so there are limited spaces. You get the benefits and fun of training with a small group but our exercise prescription is tailored to your body and goals.
It costs £90 or £125 with diet assessment and biomechanical evaluation.
FitBitch Boot Camp gets you in shape and leaves you energised to the point you will no longer even have to pay someone to help motivate you.
Once you've been FitBitched, you never look back.

Queen's Park Bikini Boot Camp launches

If you live in Kemp Town or Hanover and want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to FitBitch Boot Camp, now's your chance to find out.
On April 18th we launch our Spring camp designed to get you fit and in shape for the bikini/board shorts/strappy dress (delete as appropriate) season.
The camp's headquarters will be in Queen's Park but you can expect exactly the same unique workouts of our seafront sessions. Boxing, circuits, running, games, playground sessions and our very own special secret FitBitch surprises. The sessions run 6.15am-7.l5am so you can literally roll out of bed and be back in time for work or to get the kids up and ready for school.
What will it do for you? It will get you fit, it will help you lose weight but most importantly it will leave you loving exercise. Honestly.
Sessions will run Mon-Thurs, except on Bank Holidays when they run Tues-Fri.
There are a few spaces available on a drop in weekly basis for those who are unable to make the full camp. Enquire for details.
To book, go to the right hand side of this website for the PayPal button.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bikini Countdown Boot Camp

Just under two weeks before the official start of British summer time. It's a time when most of us feel energised and want to get out and exercise. Of course, that may have something to do with the thought of having to wear more revealing clothes...there's nothing like the thought of wearing a bikini to fine tune your fitness motivation!
Join our next boot camp starting April 18th and within four weeks, we'll help you lift your booty, banish the bingo wings and tone your tummy. But most of all we'll get you enjoying exercise and changing your attitude towards fitness for life.
Choose from 6am or 7am on Hove Lawns but hurry, there's only 14 spaces per camp. Once they're gone we operate a waiting list. New members £150, early bird former graduates £160 if booked before Wednesday 30th March. Book using the paypal buttons to your right.
FitBitch Boot Camp really does change far more than just your figure.

week one: Mon 18th - Thursday 21st
Week two: Tues 26th - Friday 29th
Week three: Tues 3 - Friday 6th
Final week: Mon 9th - Thurs 13th May

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Drop a dress size with 4 weeks of feel good fitness

Jump to it...four week camp starts Tuesday March 8th - Thursday March 31st

Do you want to feel energised, fit and happy with your figure? Commit to four weeks of fun with FitBitch Boot Camp and that is guaranteed.
We understand that committing to four weeks of fitness can be intimidating, but once you take that step you'll never look back. Weight loss, improved fitness and fun is the pay off for taking that first scary step. Don't believe us? Read what our clients think

Just 14 spaces, 6am or 7am Hove Lawns - book before they're gone.

New member special offer £150 (including postural & biomechanical assessment, plus diet diary report)
Returning camp grads £160 if booked before February 12th. Or bring a new member and both pay 1/2 the full price.

At FB, we don't treat everyone the same. Why? Because everybody's fitness and bodies are different so are exercises and approach fits you as individuals combined with the fun of being part of a small group. Forget mass participation exercise, this is bespoke fitness at its best.

Find out why everyone stays with FitBitch.
(please note week 1 will run Tues-Friday. All other weeks Mon-Thurs).

Friday, 21 January 2011

Our graduates answer your questions...

Exercising outdoors in all weathers...hmm, could I really do that?!
Yes, you get the odd days with driving rain but it just makes your sense of achievement even greater. And watching the sunrise over the sea it makes it all worth it.
Kim Boucher, 32,

What if I'm not as fit as everyone else?
I was a complete exercise novice but it didn't matter. I met an amazing group of women who all supported each other as we puffed & groaned our way through various activities, from circuit training with kettlebells to sprinting & boxing.
Eileen Melville, fifty something

Hmm, I'm not sure I could cope with the cold
I'm the first to admit I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold. But with FitBitch your mind and body are so active I hardly noticed the weather and loved the glow I felt from exercising outdoors rather than the stale air con of a gym.
Paloma Eyre, yoga teacher

Does boot camp mean you have to be a GI Jane?

'It isn't a military style camp that slaps you into shape, FitBitch is subtle with emphasis on technique. Not to say it isn't hard work, but it gets you amazing results while making you feel great and being great fun.
Kim Boucher, 33

I'm not sure I can get up that early?
It actually set me up for the day and gave me more energy! And I couldn't help feeling pleased with myself on the way home passing all the grey faced commuters feeling and looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Paloma Eyre, 32, a yoga teacher

Psst, I know what it says on the website but what's it really like?

Rachel's professional guidance make you feel as if you are getting personal training, and every session involves doing something different. I loved what we did, sit ups under the stars, sprinting into the sunrise, the other women I met on the camp, the fun, camaraderie and the amazing results I've achieved in body and mind.
Tanya Taylor

What does the eating plan involve?

'Having to keep a food diary and receiving a written assessment was scary but it completely summed up where I was going wrong on my diet. And I couldn't believe how much I could eat by following the FitBitch eating principles and still lose weight! I lost 10lbs in one camp.'
Jenny Hards, 26, holistic therapist

Why is it more expensive than some other budget camps?

'I felt like I had my own personal trainer at every single session as the instruction and encouragement is so individual. Even when I was wavering at home on my diet plan, I received personalised support and encouragement via Twitter. It's so much more than just a fitness camp.
Pip Henderson,