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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fitbitches in Paris

There's been a few tentative flurries of interest in the Paris to Versaille Run on Sunday 26th September . And I'd hazard a guess that there are a fair few more who are interested but are understandably terrified about the distance. But with a 16 week training programme which will take you right up to race day, this is easily manageable for every FB graduate I have trained or am currently training. As long as you put in the trianing beforehand though not that this will involve hours of night runs, hydration pack and replacement salts in hand!
If you're a beginner a training regime can be slow, steady and gradual even if you're starting from a position of a 5k that is over 30minutes.
Want an example of what this training programme might involve? You could run just three times a week, with a run of two miles one day, 2.5 the next and a four mile longer run on Sunday. Each week, the mileage on the Sunday would build gradually so you would hardly notice it but by race day, you'd be up to the distance.
I know taking on something like this can seem terrifying. I recently competed in a two day adventure race something I'd never done before and had no idea what to expect. It was intimidating but when you're doing it, you just do it. Afterwards, it seems like nothing. And I promise you that is what this will seem like to you too. Except that you will be filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment. And a nice glass of red wine and possibly a tarte tatin!
We'll aim to leave on Friday or Saturday and come back Monday. You need to enter soon - email me with confirmation and you will get a free training programme and at least one training run per month on a Sunday with me and the other Fitbitch 10mile Club. (no smutty jokes there please!)

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

If you are joining the kettlebell class at 6pm Wednesday 12th please confirm your place and sort out payment prior to the evening. I have now sold out of the kettlebells I had but am able to get more at the same prices, although there will be delivery charges on top which will vary according to how many orders I receive.
Prices are as follows: 16k £40, 12k £35, 8k £28 4K 20.
In order to get the bells in time for the class I will have to order them next week so don't delay!

Monday, 26 April 2010

New 6am camp - booking now!

Get yourself summer fit and supercharge your motivation levels and confidence this summer. We're launching a new 6am boot camp open to all levels which you can book for 8, 12 or 16 sessions on May 17th -10th June.
You can book eight sessions and do intensively for two weeks, do two a week or even one session for two weeks and three in the last week. It is up to you how you use up your sessions as long as you tell me a week in advance.
Prices are as follows:
Eight sessions: £100
Twelve sessions: £140
Sixteen sessions: £180
You will only get a body composition, weight, biomechanical and diet assessment, plus eating plan if you are doing the full Fitbitch experience of 16 sessions.
For returning Fitbitches, there is a 10% early bird discount if paid in full by this Friday 1st May.

Booking now! Early Bird specials for FB grads

We've now had a taste of summer weather which means it's not long until the bikini season. Alternatively, if you're training for sports specific events, the summer season is not far off.
If you want to super charge your fitness levels and get trim and toned, the next Fitbitch Boot Camp starts Monday 17th May and places are booking fast!
There will be the usual 7am class for 12 people maximum at £180, including diet assessment, body composition and biomechanical assessment and individualised homework. For those returning to Fitbitch Boot Camp, there is a 10% early bird discount if paid in full by this Friday 1st May.

Fitbitch trial - postponed

Just a quick posting to let you know that this Wednesday's free trial has been postponed. Please email for details about the next trial session.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

If you want to burn calories like there's no tomorrow, create a shapely bikini body or add strength and power to your sports performance, step up to the kettlebell.
These ball shaped weights are the favourite fitness tool of celebrity trainers around the world, helping to create the figures of everyone from Penelope Cruz to Jennifer Lopez. These women HAVE to look good so it's a testament to the tool's effectiveness that they are used so widely in Hollywood.
Celebrities aside, kettlebells which were originally invented in Russia, create dynanmic work outs that can also help improve range of movement and flexbility rather than shortened, bulky muscles if you know how to use them.
On Wednesday May 12th at 6pm we will be holding a kettlebell Masterclass for graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp only. You will learn new techniques and movements that you can do at home and add to your own routines. Cost for the hour long class is £10.
You must bring your own kettlebell to the class. If you are interested in purchasing one please email . I have sold out but can get more at a slightly more expensive price as I will have to pay shipping.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New toys for Fitbitch Boot Camp

Have you ever seen these before? Fitbitch Boot Camp prides itself on being at the forefront of new exercise techniques that transform figures, not only helping to make women in their weightloss aims but also in creating strong, lean functional bodies.
FBC travelled to Loughborough recently to check out all the latest trends in fitness and came across these - ViPR. They may look like a large piece of guttering but these are fantastic tools that combine all the benefits of weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and stability tools in one.
We will be the first in Brighton to introduce these so if you're interested in finding out how they work, along with trying your hand at kettlebells, boxing, posture and core training you'll find it all at FBBC. The next camp starts May 17th and is booking up fast.

Fitbitch Free Taster Session

It is that time again - time for you to experience Fitbitch Boot Camp! Our first trial session at the beginning of the month was fully booked. Now is your chance to get a little taste of the camp which has seen women lose up to three stone and be transformed from couch potatoes to Fitbitches!
The free taster session is next Wednesday 28th April at 6pm on Hove Lawns. It is for all levels, whether you have never exercised or you are someone fit who wants to see if Fitbitch can challenge you. There are only 12 spaces and they must be booked so if you want a free workout email Rachael at

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Congratulations Marathon Runners!

What an amazing day in Brighton it has been today! In spectacular weather and brilliant blue skies, we watched some true Fitbitches struff their stuff today. Congratulations to Natalie Downe, Kathy, Jenny Horton, and Thurka all graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp who crossed the line of Brighton's first marathon. Amazing achievement and truly inspirational!
And thanks also to Julia Claxton for being such a fantastic Fitbitch cheering mascot and brilliant photographer!
If you have been inspired and want to get fit, sign up here or to the Fitbitch Boot Camp facebook page to find out about the latest drop in camp. Our next camp starting April 19th is fully booked but there is still space in the May camp.