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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fitbitch Academy Two Graduates...

After four weeks of fun, a new batch of Fitbitches have graduated ready to take on the fitness world. With Search & Destroy, Pebble Purgatory, Stairway to Heavenly Bum and Legs and many more FB signature boot camp days, everyone has come through having been transformed. For some it's been weightloss of up to 13lbs, for others it has been going from never having exercised to doing sprint intervals, hill running and boxing ...Well done all you Fitbitches and I will see you next time for Round Two!

Sister Act Part II

Hannah and Belinda celebrate after completing a sprint finish at Hove Park Run. Mind you, they did have the promise of a fantastic Graduation Brekkie to motivate them!
Make up artist Belinda lost 23lbs and 58cms after completing two boot camps, while sister, Hannah, 35, a new mum lost 36.5cms and 9lbs in four weeks.

Sister Act

Today, saw the two sets of sisters who have just graduated from Fitbitch Two run their first Hove As I write, the times haven't been published but they don't need to be to tell how well they did. Not one, not two but all four of them managed to pull off an impressive sprint finish.
All of them have come from vastly different fitness levels - Belinda's a fitness virgin (or was), Hannah's just had a baby and Mel and Jo are returning to fitness but have been transformed during the last four weeks. Well done to you all!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

How Fitbitch Changed Our Fitness and Figures

After four weeks of glorious weather and mill pond like seas, the class of April/09 graduated from the first ever Fitbitch Boot Camp with some amazing results.
Stephanie Scheier, 37, a make-up artist, lost 9lbs and an amazing 13.5cms from her waist, not to mention transforming from a non-runner to participating in 5k Hove Parkrun.
Jessica Neame, 36, a PR director, lost 5lbs and 11cms from her hips as well as going from 30.3% body fat to 26.4%.
Belinda Blon, a make-up artist also lost 13lbs and 9.5cms from her hips whilst Aleks Krotoski, 33, a journalist lost 11lbs and 8cms from her waist.
Here's just what some of them had to say about the camp...

If reading this makes you want to sign up to become a Fitbitch, click here to read more about the camps....

'I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this. I expected to get into it by about week 3 but I loved it from the very outset and all the way through. I will definitely be back for more. I feel very privileged to have been one of the very first Fitbitch graduates!' Jessica Neame, PR director, Obviously Media.

'I really liked having a small group. Even though we were from hugely different fitness levels the personalised exercises meant that everyone got their best out of it for their ability.' Anna Fuller, 30, who lost 7lbs.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are you ready to get fit and drop a dress size?

Do you want to…..

• Shape up
• Lose weight
• Get fit
• And feel great …..
All in four weeks?

Then join the revolution that are Brighton & Hove's Fitbitch Boot Camps.
Boot camp Start dates:
6th July -30th July
10th August - 3rd September
14th September - 8th October

Meeting at Hove Lawns for 1hr sessions Monday - Thursday over the course of four weeks, these women-only fitness camps are unique in being restricted to just 10 people. This means you get personal attention and an individually tailored fitness and diet programme to help you reach YOUR individual goals. Whether that's improving your fitness for a 10k run, losing weight for your wedding or getting in shape for the beach.

The cost? Just £180, which works out at £10 a session.

The price includes…

• An individual fitness and body composition assessment before and after the camp
• Personalised diet assessment and healthy eating plan
• 24/7 online support and advice, including the Fitbitch Twitter
• The support and encouragement from your fellow FB camp mates
• Celebratory graduation from the Fitbitch Academy to include a prize for the most improved

You can choose to attend during the following time slots*
6.10am -7.10am
7.15am -8.15am
9.40am - 10.40am

Book soon though as places are filling fast with many participants booking up for a follow up boot camp. Although only half way through, some Fitbitchers hare reporting weight losses of up to 10lb, and they're running further and faster than they ever thought possible. And that's with two weeks still to go.

For further testimonials visit

Are you ready to become a Super Fitbitch?

If you have already completed one boot camp or feel that you are set for a more challenging boot camp, read on to discover how you could progress up the fitness, health and vitality ladder to become a Super Fitbitch.

Level 1/General
This is the first boot camp, which every person must complete before progressing through to the next level. A diverse range of body weight and strengthening exercises, core stability and fat burning exercises designed to challenge your cardiovascular fitness and build strength, flexibility and body balance. Aimed at all levels.
Price: £180

Level 2
Whether your goal remains to improve your body shape, or you’re thinking of running a 5k, 10k or even triathlon, this camp is for you.
In this camp, we will incorporate heart rate training to challenge your fitness level and bring in the amazing strength, shaping and fat burning phenomenon that is kettle bell training. This dynamic, strength and cardiovascular training regime, favoured by celebrities and sports people alike, will sculpt lean, shapely figures and improve strength. An eating plan will also be included.
Please note, you MUST be able to run 5km comfortably and to have completed Level 1 before doing this class.
Price: £180

Level 3
Consolidate your strength, agility and ability in this level 3 boot camp. Develop amazing body balance, core strength and flexibility with the TRX training system (,) kettlebells and explosive plyometric speed and power drills, as well as yoga, to keep your body in balance. By the end of this camp, you can expect to feel capable of taking on any sport or race – and simply feel amazing.
You MUST have progressed through the other General level and level one.
Price: £180

Super Fitbitch
This is it ladies, the camp to beat all other fitness camps. For those who want the ultimate challenge and/or who want to supercharge their fitness levels. This camp is aimed at those who are serious about their fitness and body shape and want to improve their body biomechanics, strength and conditioning and ability to work in different energy systems.
Think parachute sprints, Bosu and proprioception training….as well as the trademark ‘secret fitness assignations’ you will know now are integral to a Fitbitch Boot Camp.
Whatever sport you are training for, there are advantages in cross training and this camp will bring this in, as well as specific conditioning for your sport to benefit and enhance your strength, speed and fitness levels. If you’re not training for a particular sport, and just want to be in the best shape ever, this camp is similar to the training celebrities go through in order to get in shape for a film role – at a fraction of the cost.
Nutrition advice will be provided.
Price: £180